Getting back on the horse!

Hey there! Long time no see! I know I’ve been a bit MIA (last post since 2016??) and I apologize. A lot has happened these past two years. I got married on September 17, 2016 to the best person I could ever ask for, I’ve been working on a side art project I’m calling Tea Stain Designs where I do illustrations/character design/graphic design and trying my hand at a few mock book covers. I’ve also been taking a break from editing Skies Under Fire.

I’ve removed myself from Facebook, which has been wonderful. I do miss seeing all of the things from the friends that I have gathered through the years, but it has been a welcomed break from the stress that it was causing and I think that I’m now back and ready to start up full swing again with my writing, artwork, and school. Yes, that’s right, I am currently taking some classes at the local community college and that has also kept me a bit busy, but I should be done with that come this summer.

I hope that everyone has had a great New Year and hopefully I will keep updating this page more often. I apologize for the long silence and hope for forgiveness.

Last side note: I noticed that my photography pictures are no longer available, it seems while I was away imgur took them all down. 😦 I’ll find a way to bring them back.

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Until Death: An Anthology of Twisted Love Stories

Looking for something to read this Halloween? Do you love romance–but with a twist? You should definitely check out Until Death, an anthology of great authors writing stories of horror romance. 8 stories by Alexandra Christian and Lucy Blue.

Free for Kindle Unlimited! Pick up your copy right here On Amazon and while you’re at it, drop a review! Reviews help authors as much as they help readers. 

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Roanoke Author Invasion

So, sometimes you live in that small town/city where absolutely nothing happens, ever. You have to travel out of town to do anything; conventions, concerts, art shows, etc. 

I feel lucky to live in a town/city where several times a year events occur. Just the other weekend Mysticon happened and coming up next month several events are taking place. Roanoke Author Invasion, Roanoke Comicon, Hollins Game Night 2, and probably more that I am unaware of. 

But let’s talk about Roanoke Author Invasion

This event is taking place at the Holiday Inn on Starkey Road, April 2 from 11 A.M. To 4 P.M and then an after party starting at 7 P.M. 

I’m pretty excited because I love meeting new people and what better way to meet new people than to meet new people over books? Plus, there will be 60 best selling authors from all over! I have to say this little town definitely has a lot to offer.

Tickets can be secured (free except the after party) through their page.

Below is their ad picture. Hope to see you there!


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eSpec Books – Flash Fiction Contest

Well, I thought I would try my hand at a flash fiction contest. I can’t say that I was not a little nervous in sending in my work, but I can say that I am very happy on the results. Every month eSpec Books holds a flash fiction contest and last month was “It’s Electrifying!” Stories were to be written about great invention and while initially I could not think of something that could hold the maximum word count, near the deadline I was hit by the inspiration club and churned something out. The results?

I did not win.

I did not enter to win, but winning would have definitely made my day. I entered because I wanted that extra push, I wanted to try and get over anxiety and see what could happen. I may not have won, but I did get honorable mention!

More can be read here: eSpec Books – Winner

My story isn’t posted, but I thought I’d share it here for anyone who wishes to read it. I am planning on entering again this month, the contest prompt is something that I’ve written a few things in before.



My Dearest

By: Hamel Móric



My dearest,


The days feel much longer when you are away from me. I know you must wonder what it is like and how I am doing here in the city. I want to tell you how easy it is, how wonderful and rich these parts are, and that I cannot wait for you to come here with me so that we may wed. I will not lie, but the amount of work I am putting into my creations is exhausting at best. I want to work on my own devices, but Mr. Edison is keen on improvements to various projects first. Do not worry, he has promised me that once the improvements for this electronic motor are finished that I may use the tools here at the shop and left over materials for my own work.

All of my co-workers have been very kind to me. Mr. Thompson and Hughes have taken a shine to some of my ideas and even offered to help me if I need it. I pride myself in the knowledge that I have worked hard to gain, but they have more experience in doing what I want to do and so I thanked them and will keep them in mind. Just the other day Hughes offered that I could stay with his wife and himself. I accepted their kind offer and saw it as a way that I may save money for our wedding and our own estate.

I cannot express how excited I am for that day. With the promise that Mr. Edison gave to me, that he would pay me thousands for my project, I just know that not only would we not have to worry but our children needn’t either.

You do remember the invention I want to create? Although I have to say some disconcerting rumors are spreading around that make me a bit uneasy. I heard that Mr. Edison had wrongfully claimed someone’s work as his own. I do not quite understand this system in the city, but I will be wary when developing my audio-graphic recorder. This has been a dream of mine for a long time-capturing the sounds of voices unheard by the human ear. I will tread very, very carefully, especially after another worker had quit. I do not know the entire details of the transgression, but Mr. Tesla no longer works here. I believe you may remember him? He was the man who greeted me at the train station. He had become an invaluable friend, but I understand his frustration toward Mr. Edison.

I do not want to make this too long for you, but I have included a few poems I have recently come to find and enjoy immensely. Three of Two Roses made me think of you, my love. I yearn for our wedding and cannot wait to see you soon. I am to return in two months’ time.

Please take good care of yourself and I will see you closer than it will feel!


With much love always,




If you are interested in writing for the contest, please, click on the link above and submit something! I know I plan to!



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That little thing called life.

It’s no secret that I’m not fond of having to be an adult, or having to do adult things (like holding a job), but sometimes I feel as though people can get too consumed in the practical world and forget about those around them. Or, they get too consumed and then are either too exhausted or just plain forget what was they set out to do for the day because their jobs have literally ate the thoughts.

I’m starting to get those feelings, days have been blurring together and I have not forgot about what I’ve set out to do, I’ve just been too mentally drained to actually do it. I’m still working on revisions and I look back and realize “I have not posted anything here since January,” and fear people may think I’m dead. Well I’m not dead!

In fact, I’ve never been more alive until now. A few things I’m working on are a few short stories, polishing a flash fiction for the Wild Wierd West Contest that ends April 30th and still chugging away at revisions on my breaks at work. I think once things settle a little it will be a lot easier to get things taken care of how I want them to go.

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First Revision

Well, the first chapter of “Skies Under Fire” has undergone its first revision! Now for 30 more until its acceptable.

I think the revisions are going well so far, but I feel as though this process is going to take longer than anticipated. There is still a lot of research that I need to do in conjunction to the flight patterns and exactly how planes operate, but I think it’s coming along.

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Current Projects

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve updated this, my computer has been out of commission and trying to find/filter through things on a hard drive can be a pain, but I wanted to share that although I have been working on “The Adventures of Calem Martin: Through the Doorway” I feel that I should put it on hold for the moment in lieu of going over my first draft of “Skies Under Fire”. Considering that work is complete, I feel I should completely finish it (or at least get through the first 20 or so drafts before it’s acceptable to be looked at).

I’ll post snippets of it as I go along for your enjoyment so please enjoy!

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The Adventures of Calem Martin: Through the Doorway | Snippet

Here is a snippet of a scene in my current novel project. Enjoy!

“What are you doing?” Rune asked, eyes narrowing as he stared over towards the human.

“I’m guarding, what does it look like?” Calem asked, the small hand movements Rune made, against his sword’s hilt, Calem followed with it.

“You cannot guard forever.”

“Neither can you.”

The small twitch of the other’s features was enough to make Calem grin just slightly enough to let Rune know that he knew he purposely was trying to irritate him. This was something their instructor had told them before, guarding can be useful but eventually you have to attack and he did not want to be the only one doing the attacking. As a prince, Rune had to learn all aspects of the sword and while Calem would openly admit that Rune had far better skills than he, the prince played the same games over and over in practice.

“Alright then,” Calem stood straight up, extending his arms outward, his sword pointed towards the ground. “I’m not guarding anymore,” he told him, leaving himself completely open for any sort of attack that Rune could offer for him.

There was a slight hesitation in Rune’s movements. At first his guarded stance was absolute, but then the pause of movement made him aware that Rune was suspicious of his own, newly open stance. Then the moment came, Rune’s elbow raised, his sword in striking position and range, he let loose, moving the blade toward his friend’s chest. Timing was important and Calem turned against Rune’s thrust, back to his arm, then around until he was now behind the prince, blade to the other’s back.

“Checkmate,” he said simply and Rune turned around quickly, eyes narrowed and face flustered.

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Well, it has been a long time since I’ve updated, but I thought I would share that I am going to be doing Nanowrimo this year. What is Nanowrimo? It us a contest to yourself to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I can’t say I’m going to write from scratch, but I am going to use it as a way to help me get the breakdown of my Calem Martin story done. At least a first draft.

But isn’t that cheating? In a way I suppose? However, I feel motivation is motivation and if I can get through my first draft for edits then I will utilize this tool for that.

As far as my Doctor Who Reviews, I know I’m very far behind in those. This past month has been so hectic with a new job and other stressors that have prevented me from getting on the ball with those but I am going to try to get them rolling again soon so stay tuned!!

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Two Arrogant Uncles Loving to the Beat – a short story by Hamel Moric

Now, I didn’t write this, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. Trying to get a little more acquainted with things I decided to use a story generator for shits and grins. This is a generated story about my two main characters Calem Martin and Rune from “The Adventures of Calem Martin: Through the Doorway.”

If you’re interested in doing this yourself, here is the link to the site I used

Enjoy this little piece of insane nonsense.

Two Arrogant Uncles Loving to the Beat
– a short story

by Hamel Moric

Calem Martin looked at the smooth book in his hands and felt relaxed.

He walked over to the window and reflected on his Serene surroundings. He had always loved wild Lunarn with its tired, tricky trees. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel relaxed.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Rune . Rune was a kind prince with brown eyebrows and blonde lips.

Calem gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a noble, clever, wine drinker with tall eyebrows and toned lips. His friends saw him as a drab, decaying doctor. Once, he had even brought a vigilant old man back from the brink of death.

But not even a noble person who had once brought a vigilant old man back from the brink of death, was prepared for what Rune had in store today.

The damp teased like fighting wolves, making Calem lonely.

As Calem stepped outside and Rune came closer, he could see the selfish smile on his face.

Rune gazed with the affection of 7815 intelligent flat falcons. He said, in hushed tones, “I love you and I want Relationship.”

Calem looked back, even more lonely and still fingering the smooth book. “Rune, best friend,” he replied.

They looked at each other with sad feelings, like two careful, condemned cats running at a very cautious coming of age, which had trance music playing in the background and two arrogant uncles loving to the beat.

Suddenly, Rune lunged forward and tried to punch Calem in the face. Quickly, Calem grabbed the smooth book and brought it down on Rune’s skull.

Rune’s brown eyebrows trembled and his blonde lips wobbled. He looked irritable, his emotions raw like a tense, testy torch.

Then he let out an agonising groan and collapsed onto the ground. Moments later Rune was dead.

Calem Martin went back inside and made himself a nice glass of wine.


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Doctor Who episode review “Into The Dalek”

I actually enjoyed the episode even if there were a few flaws of it. The Daleks are my favorite Doctor Who enemies and have been since I first saw one and so I’m always excited for more Dalek time. 

Okay, such as last time, there will be spoilers ahead so be warned. 




First thing is first, I’m always excited for more Dalek time (but I said that already didn’t I?). I liked Journey’s character from the first moment, her trying to be threatening and the Doctor was just not having it. He takes her back to her ship and introduces him to her uncle who immediately wants to kill him and not take him prisoner. Not entirely sure why the humans won’t take prisoners, who would be a spy for the Daleks (other than myself of course)? It was never really explained why they wouldn’t take prisoners at least for question instead of just shooting and killing the person on the spot. Eventually they all cool down and the uncle takes the Doctor to see his patient. A Dalek in wires and seemingly incapable of moving.That said, the reminiscent of the Dalek in chains to the 9th Doctor made me fill with glee. I’m sure not everyone had the same reaction as I did but I was happy to the nod.

Now on to the next subject that shows up–Danny Pink. I like the concept of a potential lover/boyfriend for Clara since I know Jenna Coleman isn’t going to be staying with us, it’s a good way to get a few episodes or so out of her (perhaps a season) and then have a good way of letting her go (much like what happened with Susan for Hartnell, she found love and the Doctor decided it was for the best). I know that I’ve read a lot of flak on him, but I personally like him. Even though he sheds that obviously fake tear at the question if he killed someone, I can imagine that the event was probably still fresh. Kids are cruel and they will do things without even thinking of the consequences. This can be said for the kids that harass Clara in the previous episode.

Even when Clara mentions “shooting and then crying about it later” it gives me the impression that the event is very fresh and it had to have happened within the last month and a half or so. I love the bit where he’s talking to himself in the classroom, second guessing his reasons for getting out of the date with Clara. I love that he’s this shy, awkward guy around her, it makes their potential romance interesting. Considering that she is a stronger woman she should have no problem getting that shy exterior to open up (as long as she gets rid of that creepy eye shirt).

The Doctor then comes along and asks Clara to help him with a potentially “good” Dalek and asks her if he’s a good man. She has trouble answering the question and the next moment they’re back on Aristotle and the patient that needs his ‘Doctor’. Now, considering I may not be up to par on my science and how nano-mollecular things work, but I don’t think that this would work the way that they depict it. The interior part of a Dalek is shell and wires and all of that, but the creature inside is a flabby, tentacle thing with one eye as portrayed here:


So, with that out of the way, interiorly, the Dalek should be a shell with wires and cables connecting directly to the creature inside of the shell. Exactly when did they become integrated in such a way with their casing that their entire being IS the casing? This has been something that was around during Hartnell’s time and the only thing that had me questioning everything else that happened in the episode. Such as… the robotic antibodies, the radiation poisoning. Radiation is something that the Dalek’s need to survive on, in the first episodes with them, they tried curing the radiation that was in their systems and found that their people were dying. They needed radiation to survive and even went as far as to almost set off bombs to increase it in the atmosphere on Skaro.

Now, there is a part of the episode where a soldier, Ross, is killed and it’s blatantly the Doctor’s fault. A lot of people I’ve seen have been questioning the Doctor’s method of saving everyone by letting Ross die. I can’t really say that it’s not something that hasn’t happened before (refer back to when Eccelston said “Today nobody dies!”) and while no, probably not the best thing that could have happened, it is as the Doctor said. He was already dead and used the situation to save the most lives, it really was the best decision.

As the events play out and continue, the Doctor and Clara find a way to get to Rusty and open his mind after fixing the wound he received. This includes turning on closed off memory banks and allowing Rusty to look into the Doctor’s consciousness and see the universe–as well as his hatred of the Daleks. I actually liked this part because it shows how much the Doctor and the Dalek’s are similar in ways. They both have a long impenetrable hatred for one another (or rather Daleks to Humans and The Doctor to Daleks) and even though the Doctor was trying to fill Rusty with the beauty of the universe, he was unable to keep out his hatred.

In the end, the Doctor was able to turn one Dalek good and while Rusty didn’t survive, it shows that there is possibilities that Dalek’s can indeed not be evil cans of hate. I felt bad for Rusty,  he was a good Dalek.

I’m kind of sad that Journey didn’t get to go with the Doctor, but I do understand why he didn’t take her. The Doctor hasn’t had very many pleasing run-ins with soldiers and it’s really not the type of person he would want to journey with him. If my memory serves, he had the same misgivings with Jack as well.

Again, the mystery of Missy eludes us. I want to know more about her and what she’s about. From reading a few articles on theories, I have to say that one strikes me as the most sense. I have a feeling that Missy is an alternate Clara (as we’ve seen a few alternates of her in Victorian times and in the Asylum) who has gone somewhat insane. The area that she resides in is very similar to the area that Amy was stuck in for years, it also makes me think of the place that River was placed into in the Library episodes. River died, but she continues to live inside of the database of the library. What is to say that the same thing isn’t happening to others? Although I’m not entirely sure how it would be possible, it could just be another theory.

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Doctor Who episode review “Deep Breath”

Like most of the world, I have been sucked into the strange Television show of “Doctor Who.” While I do not think that it is the best show ever aired or produced, it is still enjoyable and is something that I am glad I was told to give a chance (from many, many various sources). After watching the first episode (pre-air with all of the glorious unfinished CGI effects and even the aired version with everything finished) I have noticed a LOT of mixed views from fans of the show (young and old) and so I thought I would share my own opinion as someone who is not as hardcore about the show as most and still relatively new (within the last year) to the show itself. 

With that said, I feel that my views can be seen as unbiased and I will try to look at things as constructively as possible. Feel free to comment or respond to my review how you like with your opinion, however if you do choose to, please be courteous and add more than “I hate it/him.” 


I will add this now, THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD so be warned now that if you do not want any do not continue reading, I repeat, do not continue reading. 





Okay, where to begin but with the beginning! When we first see the episode start off there is a T-Rex running rampant in Victorian England. People are screaming and the trio; Jenny Flint, Vastra and Strax are watching the events unfold. We are informed by Vastra that the beast is female and it starts to choke, coughing up the Tardis. With Vastra’s technology she produces an instrument that can be used to keep the dinosaur in place for the time being while the three investigate the TARDIS and discover that the Doctor has newly regenerated.

Now, I don’t remember if either one of them had seen the Doctor as Tennant’s character, but they are understandable questionable as to whom he is. I find the writing of the episode a little odd, as Clara didn’t know whom he was and was demanding for the other Doctor to come back. This struck me as odd considering she had jumped into the Doctor’s time-stream and should, by default, know that he does regenerate, so this happening to him shouldn’t be a surprise to her. Regardless, the Doctor passes out which is normal for him each time he regenerates to have moments where he blacks out. 

As the episode progresses the Doctor swears to the dinosaur that he will save her and get her home, Clara is questioned by Vastra on what happened and accuses her of missing her “pretty boy” Doctor. Clara is offended (again, she should know what is going on and shouldn’t be nearly as negative on the regeneration) and the Doctor, Vastra, Jenny, Strax and Clara all take off when the Dinosaur suddenly explodes. When the meet the Doctor again, they notice one person out of a crowd of spectators that was not as amazed and terrified at the spectacle happening, the Doctor decides to pursue his instincts, jumps into a river and swims off. Meanwhile, the next morning, Clara gets hit in the head with a newspaper thrown by Strax, gets picked on more by him, and finds in the newspaper a note for “Impossible Girl” that she assumes the Doctor wrote for her. 

Honestly, even though I’m not a fan of Clara, I did feel that the amount of time that the other characters pick on her, essentially making her a huge joke/comic relief character, was a bit too far. She might not be as capable as other companions, such as Amy or even Rose and Donna, but she’s got more potential to her character than that and I feel as though Moffat was trying to make us not really care much for her so that when she leaves she won’t be missed. 

Clara leaves and meets up with the Doctor at a restaurant where something peculiar is happening: the people in the joint aren’t eating; they are merely going through the motions. Trying to leave, they are surrounded by robots and eventually get dragged down into an underground lair where they find an ancient robot that is slowly gathering human parts, making himself more human in order to find the “Promised Land.” He explains they needed the dinosaur in order to help their process. The Doctor leaves Clara to get the help of Vastra, Jenny and Strax who all show up to help Clara and eventually stop the robot from continuing on with his charade in killing humans. There is debate whether or not the Doctor pushed him or he jumped off feeling the guilt that humans feel, as he essentially has become more and more human over the years. 

He wakes up at the end in a garden, greeted by Missy who claims that the robot had a run in with her boyfriend (the Doctor possibly, or… perhaps not? I’m kind of hoping for an appearance of the Master at some point) and asked whether or not he was pushed or jumped. Clara gets a call from Smith’s Doctor who reassures her that the man she’s with is the Doctor and that she should accept him. A nod, I’m assuming, to all of the fans who are upset that Smith is now gone. 


I personally really like Capaldi so far; he has this new air to the character of the Doctor that is somewhat reminiscent of the original Doctors. However, I keep seeing a lot of mixed thoughts online over him between people loving him so far or hating him and judging him from one shown episode. I will be honest here and express that I really didn’t care much for Smith’s version of the Doctor. I started the series from 2005 and forward, watching all of the episodes in order and then found a place to watch some of the Classic Who (not Netflix) and have (still) slowly started to move forward from the original up to the new again. From what I’ve seen, Smith has been my least favorite run of the Doctor, I loved the stories, the companions, the way most of it was handled, but towards the end I just did not have that same feeling I had for Eccelston or Tennant where I felt bad for the Doctor regenerating, that the others had grown on me. Smith did not grow on me, he had the potential to but with the last episode of his reign as The Doctor, I just could not feel bad about his regeneration as the episode was poorly handled, rushed and there was too much in the ways of convenience factors. 

Despite all of that, I still enjoyed the stories that came from Smith’s Doctor; I still enjoyed the companions, the cleverness and mixture of childlike innocence with a hidden darkness that he didn’t want to show to others. While I really loved Hartnell as the Doctor and was sad to see him turn into Throughton, I enjoyed Throughton in the end, just as I enjoyed Eccelston and Tennant.

I do not understand all of the hate associated with Capaldi right now, despite there only being one official aired episode of his Doctor, the hate I am seeing is majorly from young fans who were probably only in love with the actor of the Doctor and not the Doctor himself. There have been a few older fans that are also not fond of him, but I find it incredibly hard to really gage something based on only one episode. As someone who is still new to Doctor Who (and enjoyed what I’ve seen so far) I find that if you really love something, you will accept the bad with the good and love it for what it is, not who it is. The Doctor is still The Doctor, no matter the face he wears or the clothes he dons and if the bit from Matt Smith at the end of the episode wasn’t enough to encourage fans to love Capaldi just as they loved him, then I feel that a lot of new fans will no longer be fans of the show currently airing and for that it makes me feel sad for their loss. 


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#TeaserTuesday~Excerpt from “The Adventures of Calem Martin: Through the Doorway”

It’s a little rough around the edges, but I thought I would give this a try and got the idea from Alexandra Christian for a #TeaserTuesday excerpt of the novel I’m working on “The Adventures of Calem Martin: Through the Doorway.” This is still in need of heavy edits, but perhaps it could help to get interest gathered in it.

I suppose the idea behind Teaser Tuesday is to post one paragraph of your work on your blog and link it to Facebook and Twitter. Considering the good stuff is just happening in my book, I don’t want to give much out yet, so it was a little difficult finding something that was random enough to not give any real big spoilers. Enjoy!

Calem wasn’t sure what to make of all of this. From the sound of it, this ‘toarnus’ sounded huge and just as he suspected, the creature pushed trees out of its way like they were nothing more than small blocks. It had to be at least half the size of a the tallest trees surrounding them, standing on four thick legs with large pointed hooves, it’s face looked as if it had been caught in a blender and did not properly heal. Its skin looked rough, gray and almost scaly and thick. Two bulls horns protruded from either side of its scalp, ears lopsided underneath and long tusks were crooked in its mouth. The creature had to be as thick as an elephant but much uglier. When it looked down at them it paused in its movements for a second before its white glazed eyes were hidden behind wrinkled skin and turned back to lock themselves right at the two. Then at that moment, it pulled its large head backward and let loose an ear piercing shrill.

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Side project

This is just something that I’ve been playing with and having a bit of fun with it. The idea came to me while watching something and I wanted to play with a sort of pseudo-super-hero type of thing.



“Don’t even think about coming back here,” the deep voice of the leader said as he shoved his boot into my broken rib cage.

“If you do, we might not be as nice again,” the female’s voice rang down toward me, I could barely make out her head shaking as she looked over to the leader, “sheesh, this makes what? Five times now this guy tried to do this?”


“Six times? What is wrong with you? Why don’t you go back to your day job and leave the crime work to the adequate villains that are actually a threat. Quit wasting our time.”

“Come on Star Blizzard, we should meet up with the others and see if they need any help.” I could hear their footsteps fading in the distance from the dirty alley ground. “You know… with real villains.”

Star Blizzard let out a laugh; there was noise that sounded as though she were activating her icy powers, probably to better transport herself and Captain Douchebag. “I doubt that the others would need our help Giant Spike, but lets see what we can do.”

In that breath, I couldn’t hear them anymore and wondered if I was even going to make it out of this shit hole alive. Attempting to move felt as though a thousand knives were stabbing me all at once and just reaching to pull off my hand sewn mask was bad enough, trying to get to my cell phone to see if it were still intact had me curled in the fetal position for several minutes and I hadn’t even retrieved it from the back of my pocket. As I fought consciousness I could hear the faint sound of someone asking me if I were okay in what seemed like the distance…





A familiar beeping rang through my ears and I started to notice light behind my eyelids. As I slowly opened them I immediately shut them again. Of course, the hospital. I must have been found and an ambulance called for me. My bills to the emergency room are definitely going to continue to rack up at this rate. If only I could figure out the origin of their powers… perhaps I could develop one of my own? Super skin? Rock skin maybe? No… then I’d be like that douche Giant Spike. Perhaps phasing abilities? No, that would be Ghost Girl’s powers.

I had to think of something, I couldn’t continue to get my ass handed to me every time I tried to rob a bank. How could I become the greatest villain there ever was if I didn’t even have the money to fund what I wanted to do?

“Oh Danny!”

I looked up from my laying position to the door to see my grandmother there for only a second before she rushed over to my side. “What are you…” I tried to hold back coughing, that damn tickle in the back of my throat started to get to me, “doing here Grandma?” I asked and was not able to hold back coughing any longer.

“Danny I really wish you would stop getting into fights… just look at you,” I could hear the concern in her voice and it made me feel even more terrible for not being rich. She placed a hand on my cheek and rubbed it gently, touching the bruises I had and the split lip, most of which only felt bruised now instead of the stabbing pain I had felt earlier.

“I’m fine Grandma, you don’t have to concern yourself with me.” One day I’ll be able to take care of you.

“You’re not fine… the doctor said you had a mild concussion, two broken ribs, you’ve got a black eye and a split lip… you’re lucky you don’t have internal bleeding. Danny I don’t know what is going on… is it drugs? Is it money you owe someone? I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.”

How could I tell her? She wouldn’t believe me even if I told her the truth. So I only stayed silent, keeping my eyes to the machines around me. I could hear her sigh but the only thing I could think about was how that team of super assholes got their powers… why not me?

“You know… your grandfather wouldn’t want to see you this way… I know it has been hard without him around but we really need to try and move on, move past… Besides… what would the other teachers say at school?”

“Fight club.”


“I can’t tell you details grandma and I’m sorry, but I joined a fight club and this… this is just what is expected when being part of one.” Maybe that would at least get her to stop talking about my injuries and how I got them—

“What?? A fight club? Danny, I don’t know what is causing you to act like such a hoodlum in your adult life, but I worry for you, you need to quit this-this fighting and focus on your career,” she leaned over on the bed and took my hand in hers. “I thought you wanted to take over being principal once the current one retires? What happened to that?”

“I don’t want to work with children my entire life grandma, I have bigger ambitions than that. I just need to get everything in order first. I’ll be fine.”



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Excerpt, The Adventures of Calem Martin: Through the Doorway

Even though he knew the possibilities of its existence were slim, he couldn’t help wanting to find it and he hoped that any repercussion that could happen would not. After all, this could be his only way to be part of something greater than some random mercenary band. Leaning back in his chair, he placed the mug in his hand back onto the table and looked over at Rune with a small smirk. It really had been too long since he had seen his old friend and he was very glad to have run into him. “What do you think? Do you want to have an adventure?”

The look the elf gave him told Calem he was skeptical and thought the other to be out of his mind, but after a moment he sighed, shrugged his shoulders and simply said, “why not?”

“It could take months, even years to find, but lets evaluate what we’ve heard. So far, what I’ve learned about it is that it lies up north close to Alkemineous, possibly in the forest on the other side of the mountains. I’ve also heard rumors that the Alchemists keep the road leading to it blocked off so that they can use its waters for experiments, no surprise there huh?”

Rune’s brows pressed together a bit as he tapped the table with his finger, “I don’t like the idea of being close to that place. Even if they keep to themselves, I’ve never heard of any of my people coming back after going too close. What if they spot me and want to take me for experiments? My father certainly would not be thrilled if his only son and heir were captured by Alchemists in pursuit of a fool’s journey.”

“Hasn’t this already been a fool’s journey?” Calem asked, taking a drink from his mug before continuing. “I’ve been on the road for over a year now, taking my time in finding myself and what I want to do, as is tradition for your kind. Where else, what else is there for me to do? I can’t get back home, I don’ have the means or the  knowledge of even how I got here in the first place and as far as I’m concerned this is my home now, your people are my people, but I’m human. I’m not near immortal like yourself. This journey of finding… it’s merely a way to show your people that their place belongs to their Emperor and their duty is to him. That’s why majority return within a few months, those who don’t probably decided to pursue other interests.

So, if finding this well is fool’s journey then let me be the fool. But I will be damned if allow my best friend to get captured for experiments. Besides, no one has even seen an Alchemist for over 50 years, how tough can they really be?”

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