Are we too accustomed?

In this new day and age it seems we are all a little too accustomed to having the internet at our fingertips. Most of what we do is tied directly to the net, whether it be for our banking, school, business, research, logging a database, e-mail, et cetera and when it goes down our lives almost stop immediately. When did we become so reliant on such a thing? I’m part of a generation of adults that remember a time when internet wasn’t so prevalent, I’m the last generation that will remember playing outside until it was dark and then going inside to play video games or watch evening Television shows, this new generation behind me is probably more reliant on the net than I am or than I was at their age. I never even had internet in my home until I was in high school and it was dial-up. An hour to connect to the internet and then another half an hour to actually get a page to load, no kid of this generation behind me ever had the glory of making a sandwich, going to the bathroom and catching the last segments of your favorite cartoon before the page you wanted to load finally got around to doing it.

Then I think to myself, have I started to become too accustomed to this new connection to the net? Yesterday the internet at work went down, and while I could still get work done, I couldn’t do a lot of things I normally have to do on a daily basis. The internet in the entire area was down until sometime last night (when I was already sleeping) and a part of me freaked out a little. What was going on around me? What was happening on the internet without me there? Considering my cellphone service is crappy enough as it is where I live I couldn’t even connect with my phone. It made me realize that I’ve become very reliant on technology and had me reminiscing about ┬ámy childhood and life before internet became a huge part of it. The bright side to the entire event was that I did get some writing done.

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Something to say, something to write

First post!

As a first post I should probably introduce myself. I’m Hamel Moric, unpublished author of many stories and novels (in progress) with the dream of being published one way or another. I write mostly stories geared toward the young adult audience but do have some more adult-geared books on the back burner of my mind. I really don’t give much thought about the specific genre I write and rather let the characters decide where they want to be. Perhaps that is going about it the wrong way, but I love just about every genre and have a little of something for all of them.

I currently reside in Roanoke Virginia where the nights are too short (who needs sleep right?) and the days are too long. I may use this blog as not only my posting outlet (with samples of my work) but as a way of sharing my thoughts with others (this may include rants).

I look forward to anyone who may want to follow me along the steps it takes to become published!

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