Hello there! I’m Hamel Moric, I write stuff and things. I currently reside in Roanoke Virginia and as of now I’m an unpublished author trying to get on my feet. I’m a writer of mainly YA novels and short stories in the Fantasy and Science Fiction settings, however I do write across all genres. There are several projects I’m working on at the moment and if you want, you can check those out on my Current Projects page. I’ll be adding excerpts of my novels, reviews of books, movies or comics I’m currently reading (as well as T.V. shows), and stuff in general. I love feedback and comments so if you would like to send me feedback or give me suggestions for this blog, please send me an email on my Contact Page.

If you’re an editor or a publisher and you are interested in any of my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Perhaps we can work something out?

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