eSpec Books – Flash Fiction Contest

Well, I thought I would try my hand at a flash fiction contest. I can’t say that I was not a little nervous in sending in my work, but I can say that I am very happy on the results. Every month eSpec Books holds a flash fiction contest and last month was “It’s Electrifying!” Stories were to be written about great invention and while initially I could not think of something that could hold the maximum word count, near the deadline I was hit by the inspiration club and churned something out. The results?

I did not win.

I did not enter to win, but winning would have definitely made my day. I entered because I wanted that extra push, I wanted to try and get over anxiety and see what could happen. I may not have won, but I did get honorable mention!

More can be read here: eSpec Books – Winner

My story isn’t posted, but I thought I’d share it here for anyone who wishes to read it. I am planning on entering again this month, the contest prompt is something that I’ve written a few things in before.



My Dearest

By: Hamel Móric



My dearest,


The days feel much longer when you are away from me. I know you must wonder what it is like and how I am doing here in the city. I want to tell you how easy it is, how wonderful and rich these parts are, and that I cannot wait for you to come here with me so that we may wed. I will not lie, but the amount of work I am putting into my creations is exhausting at best. I want to work on my own devices, but Mr. Edison is keen on improvements to various projects first. Do not worry, he has promised me that once the improvements for this electronic motor are finished that I may use the tools here at the shop and left over materials for my own work.

All of my co-workers have been very kind to me. Mr. Thompson and Hughes have taken a shine to some of my ideas and even offered to help me if I need it. I pride myself in the knowledge that I have worked hard to gain, but they have more experience in doing what I want to do and so I thanked them and will keep them in mind. Just the other day Hughes offered that I could stay with his wife and himself. I accepted their kind offer and saw it as a way that I may save money for our wedding and our own estate.

I cannot express how excited I am for that day. With the promise that Mr. Edison gave to me, that he would pay me thousands for my project, I just know that not only would we not have to worry but our children needn’t either.

You do remember the invention I want to create? Although I have to say some disconcerting rumors are spreading around that make me a bit uneasy. I heard that Mr. Edison had wrongfully claimed someone’s work as his own. I do not quite understand this system in the city, but I will be wary when developing my audio-graphic recorder. This has been a dream of mine for a long time-capturing the sounds of voices unheard by the human ear. I will tread very, very carefully, especially after another worker had quit. I do not know the entire details of the transgression, but Mr. Tesla no longer works here. I believe you may remember him? He was the man who greeted me at the train station. He had become an invaluable friend, but I understand his frustration toward Mr. Edison.

I do not want to make this too long for you, but I have included a few poems I have recently come to find and enjoy immensely. Three of Two Roses made me think of you, my love. I yearn for our wedding and cannot wait to see you soon. I am to return in two months’ time.

Please take good care of yourself and I will see you closer than it will feel!


With much love always,




If you are interested in writing for the contest, please, click on the link above and submit something! I know I plan to!



About Hamel Moric

I'm an unpublished author living in Roanoke Virginia. I write mainly YA and short stories running across all genres. Most of my novels run in the Fantasy and Science Fiction setting. This is my site for my novels where I write about stuff and things. I'll post excerpts of novels I'm working on as well as share my thoughts on subjects that I feel are important, or you know, just write goofy and nerdy things like book or movie reviews and what not.
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