Getting back on the horse!

Hey there! Long time no see! I know I’ve been a bit MIA (last post since 2016??) and I apologize. A lot has happened these past two years. I got married on September 17, 2016 to the best person I could ever ask for, I’ve been working on a side art project I’m calling Tea Stain Designs where I do illustrations/character design/graphic design and trying my hand at a few mock book covers. I’ve also been taking a break from editing Skies Under Fire.

I’ve removed myself from Facebook, which has been wonderful. I do miss seeing all of the things from the friends that I have gathered through the years, but it has been a welcomed break from the stress that it was causing and I think that I’m now back and ready to start up full swing again with my writing, artwork, and school. Yes, that’s right, I am currently taking some classes at the local community college and that has also kept me a bit busy, but I should be done with that come this summer.

I hope that everyone has had a great New Year and hopefully I will keep updating this page more often. I apologize for the long silence and hope for forgiveness.

Last side note: I noticed that my photography pictures are no longer available, it seems while I was away imgur took them all down. 😦 I’ll find a way to bring them back.

About Hamel Moric

I'm an unpublished author living in Roanoke Virginia. I write mainly YA and short stories running across all genres. Most of my novels run in the Fantasy and Science Fiction setting. This is my site for my novels where I write about stuff and things. I'll post excerpts of novels I'm working on as well as share my thoughts on subjects that I feel are important, or you know, just write goofy and nerdy things like book or movie reviews and what not.
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