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About Hamel Moric

I'm an unpublished author living in Roanoke Virginia. I write mainly YA and short stories running across all genres. Most of my novels run in the Fantasy and Science Fiction setting. This is my site for my novels where I write about stuff and things. I'll post excerpts of novels I'm working on as well as share my thoughts on subjects that I feel are important, or you know, just write goofy and nerdy things like book or movie reviews and what not.

Are we too accustomed?

In this new day and age it seems we are all a little too accustomed to having the internet at our fingertips. Most of what we do is tied directly to the net, whether it be for our banking, school, … Continue reading

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Something to say, something to write

First post! As a first post I should probably introduce myself. I’m Hamel Moric, unpublished author of many stories and novels (in progress) with the dream of being published one way or another. I write mostly stories geared toward the … Continue reading

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